Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zombie Barbie Doll Cake- Cake Decorating- Tutorial

Learn how to make a quick and fun Zombie Barbie In this fun                                                   Tutorial Video
More fun with Barbie! Even though I am not really a big Zombie fan, I thought this would be a lot of fun and it was! I wanted it to look like Barbie was coming up out of a graveyard . I used a quick icer tip with a bag striped with green and brown. I created ledges with it to place the tombstones in. The Tombstones are made of royal icing. I used some crushed Oreo for the dirt and coconut for the grass.

I used a "Ken" shirt and cut it up and burnt parts of it. Then I used some food coloring to "dirty" it further.

I "zombied" her face with some eyeliner and red food coloring. Her hair is full of eye shadow, food coloring and hairspray. It was a fun experiment and my zombie fans love it:)

See the whole thing on this video:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pretty Butterfly Cake made with Heart Shaped Pans

This Precious Butterfly design makes any little girls party. It's an easy cake to make and it's made with  your heart shaped pans. Can't see it?
Look closely. The heart shape is cut in half then turned around to create the wings. The cute little bug is figure piped on two cut straws positioned to support the body. Her sweet little antennae are made from white chocolate piped into these curly ques.
To see the whole project Tutorial click this link
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Princess Barbie Doll Cake Tutorial

The Barbie Cake is a Cake Decorators Classic. This Doll has a little of everything on it. It was one of our first tutorial videos. I wanted to pack it full of great info. It has Straight shells, E  motion shells, garlands, string work, ruffles, Cornelli lace, Roses, Sweet peas..... Then we finished it in a second video with a hat and umbrella to turn it into a Southern Belle cake. Whew!
To see the entire video click this link: