Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Music Book Cake with Leah

This cake was really fun to make.  I used two half sheet cakes and carved the indent in the middle and the slants on the side to make it look like a book.  I iced the cake in white whip topping, and then used a skewer to make little scratches on the sides to create the old pages look.  I also bought Gold cake graffiti spray and sprayed the edges of the book.  I then took a large figure piping tip and made the edge of the book.  I then used black food coloring mixed with piping gel and made the staff and the music notes.  I enjoyed this new design.

Woodland Fairy Barbie Doll Cake

I was going for Woodland Fairy and got a little carried away! This Barbie Doll Cake turned into a  floral wonderland. It's covered in Dogwood, Wisteria, White roses, Sweet Peas, Daisies, and Forget me nots. Did I forget any?
The real challenge on this cake technically speaking, is the angles that you have to contort hands arms and wrists to get the flowers in just the right places.
See me do this entire cake at:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daffodils, Hibiscus, and Dogwood with You Tube Friend Anita

You Tube Friend Anita's version of Hibiscus, Dogwood, and Daffodil
Impressive Anita, great job on these advanced flowers! I'll bet your friends and family are impressed with your skills!
Who wouldn't want to receive such a beautiful bouquet.
Anita's Version of the Dogwood Cake! Gorgeous! I know your clients will be thrilled.
Check out the Video that inspired these Flowers

Dino and Barbie with youtube friend Elgah

You Tube Friend Elgah's adorable dino Cake.
Very cute! Great Job!

Elgah's version of the Barbie Doll Cake. I love the stripes!
Great Job Elgah! Keep 'em coming.


Monday, June 24, 2013

White Christmas-White Poinsettia

I love the look of this Icy Christmas Cake. It says holiday but also Winter. I employed silver dragees and silver leaves to accent this piped on poinsettia.

I used a braided vine technique around the sides to continue the white on white look.

The crystal platter under this cake added to the cool crisp look of this Christmas Cake.
Anita combined the Decadent Chocolate Cake with the red poinsettia. Gorgeous on the dark chocolate. 
learn how to make the "Decadent Chocolate cake"

Embroidered Wedding Cake-by Leah

This is one of the most delicate ant beautiful Wedding Cakes I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. It's very difficult to see all the details in the photo. The White on White Embroidery technique is so fine and ornate that it had to be seen with the naked eye to be fully appreciated. This  is the top tier of  a four tiered cake, each placed on different levels of glass platters, also a gorgeous touch.

Here Leah is concentrating on getting the Embroidery detail on the sides of the cake. It was amazing how fast she got this done. She very lightly sketched the basic shape of the design, then free-handed the rest.

A close up of the detail gives a better look at this beautiful technique.

Halloween Fun -Pumpkins and Bats

Pumpkin Heads are a big favorite for me
 for Halloween Cakes.
This was a trial cake for me. This was my first try at Marshmallow fondant.
I tried many new techniques for this fun cake. First I made Rice Crispie Treats for the Pumpkin rinds. The inside of the cake is three 8 in rounds, then a layer of chocolate ganache. Then I shaped the Rice Crispie Treats into the rinds. Next I cut the Marshmallow Fondant into strips and  draped them over the Rice Crispie treat wedges. The leaves are white chocolate modeling clay, as well as the eyes, nose and mouth.
I used a little vegetable oil to shine up the Pumpkin and before the adding the face it really looked like a real pumpkin.
I was happy with the way it turned out and the combo of the cake, ganache, and rice crispie treats was really yummy.

A perfect way to turn a dessert cake into a fun Halloween cake is to add Bats! I wanted something 3D and yet sleek and graphic. I decided on these Chocolate Modeling Clay Bats.
This photo shows the construction of the 3D bats. I made a stencil and cut the bats out of the modeling clay. The straws shown here were placed under the front side of the wings to get the "in motion" shape that I wanted. I placed a dowel on the back of the bat then covered it in more clay to attach the dowel. I left them to dry overnight before placing the bats on the cake. The eyes are silver dragees. I loved the way they glow.
I know I'll be doing this one for many Halloweens to come.

White Chocolate Wedding Cake- For Amy

White Chocolate Modeling Clay was the theme of this Wedding Cake. This was my first foray into the world of Modeling clay. I normally work only in icing, but this cake was for a good friend and I wanted a certain look. I wanted something modern and bold as well as soft and beautiful. I love the way this came together, I like that it has a classic look as well as a fashion forward vibe.
The Black placards were rolled out with a rolling pin, then trimmed to fit the large square bottom tier, then placed in the freezer to make them stiff for transfer on to the cake.
The ruffles were also rolled out then torn into strips to get a ragged edge. Then each was rolled into a "rose" or a ruffle.
The difficulty for me was the unexpected weight of the chocolate. I had to be especially careful of the weight being concentrated on one side of the cake. While this cake is firmly dowelled as all of my stacked cakes are, this much weight on one side was a concern for delivery. I used small dowel/skewers to place some of the chocolate to support the weight.
This was one of the scariest deliveries I have ever had to make.
It arrived in one piece and The Bride was very happy.
I'm not sure I would want to do this one again. I don't think my nerves could take it.
It was lots of fun to try and I learned quited a bit about Modelling chocolate.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Darling Lady Bug Baby Shower Cake by Leah

Talk about Cute! Leah made this adorable cake for a client in LA. The Lady bug is made out of a 6" cake and decorated in butter cream. Leah uses a smoothing technique using a piece of plastic parfait strip. It's a great way to get a Fondant look without the Fondant taste. Maybe we can talk her in to making a video to show this useful technique.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Graduation Cakes From Friends

Graduation cake are tough to make pretty, but You Tube Friend Anita nailed it! Her client wanted this square pattern that Anita placed expertly. She added  touches that made it truly special. the Roses and the Butterfly, not your typical graduation cake fare. With the photo in the center , this cake is a real one of a kind. Anita reported that her client was wowed! And rightfully so.

Check out the videos that inspired the rose and butterfly techniques used on this cake.   Roses Butterflies

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rum Kaluah Dessert Cake

"Rum Kaluah Cake" is what my clients order when they want this cake. This is such a versatile cake , because it works for all occasions. I have even made a variation of this for a wedding cake. I have used all kinds of things for the decorations on the top of this dessert style cake. I've made white chocolate horses for my Aunt who is a Horse enthusiast -to pirouette cookies for a dinner party. Chocolate dipped Oreos are gorgeous on this cake as well.
The best part of this cake is the way it tastes. Every occasion I bring this cake to, I have someone say It's the best cake they've every tasted. Even people who don't like cakes like this one. I use Pastry Pride Whip Topping to keep it light, especially in contrast to the decadent chocolate Ganache. Check out the video to see all the tips and secrets as well as the instructions for making it yourself. But SHHHH don't tell, your friends will think you're a genius when you show up with this cake. :) Happy Decorating Liz
Check out the full video
A message from one of our viewers with alterations for making this cake Vegan.
JayKrishna Modha <>
Thnx liz. We all loved this cake. As i m vegetarian(no eggs) and dont take alchohol too, i used artificial brandy flavour and used egg replacer for egg white in toasting almonds. The cake came out really delicious as you said in ur video. I used stabilized whipped cream( i add tartar instead of gelatine). Thnx a lot again for delicious recipe

Decadent Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes for B

Cupcakes can be fun and Decadent!

My 11 year old son ordered fun-fetti flavored cupcakes.
Funfetti is not exactly a gourmet flavor, but it's what he wanted. So I made the funfetti cupcakes and dipped them in Ganache!
I mixed Herseys Dark Chocolate Pudding with Pastry Pride Whip Topping to make a luscious Mousse for the topping. I employed a #24 star tip (pastry version) for the dallop on top. The decorating is a thinned out Ganache, drizzled off the end of a spatula and then a light coat of sprinkles.

His class was drooling as I brought them into the room. I think his teaher was plotting to take one home for her hubby:)

You Tube Friend Ela's Version of Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes. Ela is from Slovania.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Heart Cake with String Work and Wisteria

Double hearts are an elegant alternative to a stacked cake. It is techically two tiers, they are just side by side. This Design is perfect for a large Mothers Day cake as well as an Anniversary Cake. I love it for a small Wedding cake also.

A delicate side treatment adds so much to this design. This dropped string technique reqires a steady hand, but is quite simple with a little practice.

I love Wisteria and Roses together with a lattice work design. The lattice made with a Wilton #4 writing tip, add another dimension without being overwhelming. It also creates a nice frame work for the decicate flower treatment. The Roses are made with a Wilton #124 and the Wisteria with a # 104 Rose tip.
Check out the video Tutorial for this cake at:

More Cakes from Friends- Princess Barbie Cakes with Maria , Alyaa and Autumn

Check out a Cake YouTube friend Maria made for her client! Gorgeous! Maria said her client was thrilled!
Maria's version of my Barbie Cake Video is placed on a pedestal of a square cake. Great Idea Maria. Her delicate Cornelli Lace with pearl candy accents is a sweet addition.

Check out the video inspiration for this cake at:

YouTube Friend Alyaa's version of the Barbie Doll Princess Cake
is striking with it's contrasting purples, paired with the delicate pink roses.

Beautiful with so much detail. Great Job Alyaa! Thank you for sharing your work.

She the entire tutorial that inspired this Cake at:

You Tube Friend Jay created this beautiful version of the Barbie Doll Cake. I just love this sweet soft blue, with the pale splashes of yellow. Thanks so much , beautiful job!