Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Mermaid Barbie Doll Cake- Cake Decorating- How To

This Little Mermaid Cake was such Fun to make! The Candy Melt accessories were really a kick to come up with. They are quick and easy and if you have something that doesn't work, you simply melt it down and start again!

The Tail comes out super thin almost sheer and add a little glitter and you have a real "stand out"! It's totally 3D and very light weight. 

The Starfish is piped on but the rest of the shells and waves are made with Candy Melt as well. The waves are freehand and the shells are done with a mold. Simple and Fun!
See the whole Process Here:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hydrangea Flowers in Buttercream

Hydrangea is basically many little flowers together making one big flower. This is the progression of how I figured out how to make them in buttercream for this large Birthday Cake!
Here's the video that shows my process :
I love the way the Hydrangea's looked on this cake topper.

The final look turned out really pretty. I was pleased with the overall balance. The color scheme worked out well too.

This was the test cake to see how these colors and flowers would work together and to see if this was the scroll work I wanted to use.
This was the first test done on a small bowl.

Louisa's Barbie Doll Cake and More

You Tube Friend Louisa Shared this Gorgeous Barbie Doll Cake with us. I love that the doll's hair matches the dress! This Princess Doll Cake would thrill any little girl. Awesome job Louisa! Thanks for Sharing with us!

This Cake was inspired by this video:

Louisa's version of this sweet Wysteria cake is so pretty. I just love it! Great Job Louisa!

this cake was inspired by this video:

Cross Cake by Joanne

You Tube Friend Joanne shared her cross cake with us! She says her client loved it! I can see why. Great Job Joanne! Keep uo the great work and keep sharing with us!

This cake was inspired by this video :

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jewelry Box Cake by Bodson W.W

One our Cake Decorating Community Shared this Amazing Design with us, Bodson wrote:
I made the cake by using a rectangular tin, I think it was about 4-5 layers in the end. 
For the compartments I cut out spare parts of the cake to make the edges and the dividers.
For the bottom drawer I made a separate cake and shaped it to scale for the jewellery box, then I cut out the same shape from the bottom of the jewellery box cake to create the drawer.   
The wood grain effect on the box was all done by hand, I used a modelling tool. (not an impression mat). And hand painted it. 
The lid was made out of gingerbread, I doweled it with wooden skewers as I cooked it (many thanks to Liz for her help and advice with this matter). Then I covered it in fondant and decorated it and inserted the dowels into the back of the jewellery box.
Everything is edible, the lid, the drawer, the handles and all the jewellery were all made from gumpaste. 

Thank you for Sharing this with us Bodson! It's beautiful!

Baby Butt and Blanket Cake in Buttercream

Click here for video:
Baby Butt and Blanket Cake is an Adaptation of a cake normally done in Fondant.  A friend asked me to do this cake for his son's baby shower. He gave me a photo from the internet and I had to figure out what techniques to use to make it look like the photo but in Buttercream. I used Leah Larson's smoothing technique and plain cake donuts for the legs and feet. It was a fun project. In the video I take you along on my process of working it out.