Monday, January 27, 2014

Grown Up Heart Cake Pop- Valentines Day

Who Says Cake Pops are Just for Kids? This Heart Shaped Cake Pop is Laced with the Liquors for a Raspberry Mudslide. In addition to the Chocolate Cake there is dark chocolate melted in with Chambord, Bailies and Kaluah! YUM!
These can be added to a hot simple syrup to burn off the alcohol or add the Liquors straight to the mix as in this example.

See how to make these.
Click here for the video:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two Toned Swirled White Chocolate Cake Pop

Swirled, two toned, white chocolate cake pop is an easy trick. The candy melts are thinned with shortening so that the two colors blend easily together. See how to do it in this video. Click Here:

Sculpted Teddy Bear Cake - by Leah

This Adorable Teddy Bear cake is make with stacked 8 in rounds sculpted into a bowling pin shape with legs and arms added after. A grass tip is employed to get the fuzzy fur. The face is Figure piped on and touched with a pink blush by the airbrush. This is a fantasy cake for any Teddy Bear Lover!