Monday, August 10, 2015

Hawaiian Scene Cake with Plumeria- Cake Decorating

Every Decorator needs a quick Hawaiian cake design and this is it! Its a combination of simple borders and an Airbrush Stencil design. Layers of stencils, borders and a Hawaiian themed flower don't need to take more that a few minutes if you are skilled with piping borders. It's as simple as combining them and framing the stenciled design.
This short video shows the techniques shown here. Easy for a pro or a beginner as well. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Frozen Themed Stacked Cake with Crown- Cake Decorating

A small stacked cake can have a big impact! This cake is an 8", 6" and 3". Even though it's small it is fully doweled and supported. It's a fun way to have the look of a stacked cake without the size. The trick is the 3" top tier. It's essentially the size of a mega muffin, which could be used here as well. The snowflakes are Candy Melt or White Chocolate, but could easily be done in Royal Icing as well. Tiny Stacked Cakes are the new trend and are fun and easy as long as you know the basic rules of making a stacked cake. In this video I show a review of the basics for stacking and doweling a cake as well as how to create this design. 

Whimsical Horse Cake- Cake Decorating- Buttercream

Creating a Whimsical Horse Head Cake can be a challenge. The techniques used here are all quite simple, the challenge is getting the shape right to start with. I recommend doing an "Image" search on Google for Horse Drawings. Then have it enlarged to the size you need. In this video I show how to cut and sculpt this cake by using a hand drawn stencil. I used the airbrush to add color and shape as well as a whimsical flare.