Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jewelry Box Cake by Bodson W.W

One our Cake Decorating Community Shared this Amazing Design with us, Bodson wrote:
I made the cake by using a rectangular tin, I think it was about 4-5 layers in the end. 
For the compartments I cut out spare parts of the cake to make the edges and the dividers.
For the bottom drawer I made a separate cake and shaped it to scale for the jewellery box, then I cut out the same shape from the bottom of the jewellery box cake to create the drawer.   
The wood grain effect on the box was all done by hand, I used a modelling tool. (not an impression mat). And hand painted it. 
The lid was made out of gingerbread, I doweled it with wooden skewers as I cooked it (many thanks to Liz for her help and advice with this matter). Then I covered it in fondant and decorated it and inserted the dowels into the back of the jewellery box.
Everything is edible, the lid, the drawer, the handles and all the jewellery were all made from gumpaste. 

Thank you for Sharing this with us Bodson! It's beautiful!