Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cinderella's Carriage Cake- Cake Decorating- video

There is little more magical than Cinderella's Carriage. Leah and I jumped at the chance to create this fun cake idea. I had the idea for weeks before actually jumping in to making the design. I had to contemplate HOW to make this in a way that it would be stable  and sturdy as well as delicate and beautiful. 
The Horses are made of Cand Melt ( White Chocolate). They are quite delicate because of the legs, but easy to make. They are traced on parchment, outlined and filled. We had to make many of these to be sure we had 2 that didn't break.

We wanted the carriage to have the appearance of transforming into Gold, so we airbrushed the "pumpkin" and added gold to the wheels.
To see the process of making this cake and to learn how to do it yourself click here: