Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Bake A Banana Cake from A Yellow Mix

This is a "go-to" recipe for me and a true favorite among family and clients as well. It is a very mild Banana, in fact most people don't realize it's Banana at first, but a rich buttery Vanilla. I think what throws most people off is what I pair it with. I most often go for a Caramel Frosting Filling with a layer of Ganache of course! I like to turn it into a "fruit salad" Cake in the summer with a layer of sugared strawberries and a layer of cream cheese filling.....and often Ganache :) This one is great as a parfait cake too. Torte it into 3 layers and then fill with gorgeous fillinngs, let them drip out a little and then don't ice the outside, just let all that yummyness hang out and place some beautiful dollops of Icing or Whipcream on the top!