Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daffodils, Hibiscus, and Dogwood with You Tube Friend Anita

You Tube Friend Anita's version of Hibiscus, Dogwood, and Daffodil
Impressive Anita, great job on these advanced flowers! I'll bet your friends and family are impressed with your skills!
Who wouldn't want to receive such a beautiful bouquet.
Anita's Version of the Dogwood Cake! Gorgeous! I know your clients will be thrilled.
Check out the Video that inspired these Flowers
                                     Hibiscus        http://youtu.be/OEZY93U4xHA
                                    Dogwood       http://youtu.be/fQq5ltNV7K0
                                    Daffodil      http://youtu.be/beATnGq1SyI