Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Heart Cake with String Work and Wisteria

Double hearts are an elegant alternative to a stacked cake. It is techically two tiers, they are just side by side. This Design is perfect for a large Mothers Day cake as well as an Anniversary Cake. I love it for a small Wedding cake also.

A delicate side treatment adds so much to this design. This dropped string technique reqires a steady hand, but is quite simple with a little practice.

I love Wisteria and Roses together with a lattice work design. The lattice made with a Wilton #4 writing tip, add another dimension without being overwhelming. It also creates a nice frame work for the decicate flower treatment. The Roses are made with a Wilton #124 and the Wisteria with a # 104 Rose tip.
Check out the video Tutorial for this cake at: