Monday, June 24, 2013

Halloween Fun -Pumpkins and Bats

Pumpkin Heads are a big favorite for me
 for Halloween Cakes.
This was a trial cake for me. This was my first try at Marshmallow fondant.
I tried many new techniques for this fun cake. First I made Rice Crispie Treats for the Pumpkin rinds. The inside of the cake is three 8 in rounds, then a layer of chocolate ganache. Then I shaped the Rice Crispie Treats into the rinds. Next I cut the Marshmallow Fondant into strips and  draped them over the Rice Crispie treat wedges. The leaves are white chocolate modeling clay, as well as the eyes, nose and mouth.
I used a little vegetable oil to shine up the Pumpkin and before the adding the face it really looked like a real pumpkin.
I was happy with the way it turned out and the combo of the cake, ganache, and rice crispie treats was really yummy.

A perfect way to turn a dessert cake into a fun Halloween cake is to add Bats! I wanted something 3D and yet sleek and graphic. I decided on these Chocolate Modeling Clay Bats.
This photo shows the construction of the 3D bats. I made a stencil and cut the bats out of the modeling clay. The straws shown here were placed under the front side of the wings to get the "in motion" shape that I wanted. I placed a dowel on the back of the bat then covered it in more clay to attach the dowel. I left them to dry overnight before placing the bats on the cake. The eyes are silver dragees. I loved the way they glow.
I know I'll be doing this one for many Halloweens to come.