Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rum Kaluah Dessert Cake

"Rum Kaluah Cake" is what my clients order when they want this cake. This is such a versatile cake , because it works for all occasions. I have even made a variation of this for a wedding cake. I have used all kinds of things for the decorations on the top of this dessert style cake. I've made white chocolate horses for my Aunt who is a Horse enthusiast -to pirouette cookies for a dinner party. Chocolate dipped Oreos are gorgeous on this cake as well.
The best part of this cake is the way it tastes. Every occasion I bring this cake to, I have someone say It's the best cake they've every tasted. Even people who don't like cakes like this one. I use Pastry Pride Whip Topping to keep it light, especially in contrast to the decadent chocolate Ganache. Check out the video to see all the tips and secrets as well as the instructions for making it yourself. But SHHHH don't tell, your friends will think you're a genius when you show up with this cake. :) Happy Decorating Liz
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A message from one of our viewers with alterations for making this cake Vegan.
JayKrishna Modha <jaush007@hotmail.com>
Thnx liz. We all loved this cake. As i m vegetarian(no eggs) and dont take alchohol too, i used artificial brandy flavour and used egg replacer for egg white in toasting almonds. The cake came out really delicious as you said in ur video. I used stabilized whipped cream( i add tartar instead of gelatine). Thnx a lot again for delicious recipe