Friday, May 24, 2013

Chameleon, Monster Truck, and Bumble Bee Cupcake Cakes by Leah

Cute Chameleon Cupcake Cake
This was a cake order that fell to me at Albertsons Bakery.  While the head decorator definitely had the skills to do it, she knew that I enjoyed trying new things and challenging myself.  I started arranging the cupcakes to make the shape of the Chameleon.  Then I iced the cupcakes with Whipped Topping and figure piped the eyes and the legs and added the back leg on the board.  Then used the airbrush to create the rainbow effect.  It was a big hit :)

Monster Truck Cupcake Cake
This was another cake order from Albertsons Bakery.  I admit that the things I did at Albertsons were a little over the top, but I was new and enthusastic about my job.  Anyway, This cake started like the first.  I started with the shape (which took a while to get the right one) and the iced with Whip topping.  The customer had given me a napkin to match.  I figure piped the tread on the tires.  Then I airbrushed the red on the truck, the orange flames, and the black tires.  Then I did the undercarriage the inside of the wheels and the outline of the truck in red icing with a writitng tip.  Then figure piped the headlights and front of the truck with a writing tip also, and outlined the flames with yellow.  The customer loved it.


This Little bug was my creation, and turned out to be a big summer hit.  The sweet expression, big figure piped eyes, and airbrushed cheeks took this from simple to special.