Monday, May 20, 2013

Delicious Meringue Cake

 I saw this in the cake case at a restaurant in Portland Oregon. I was having lunch with a friend and of course we had to try this delicious looking thing. They were calling it "Boccone Dolce" or Sweet Kiss. We loved it and I had to try to make it myself. I changed it up slightly from the dessert we tried, and now it's a favorite. I get requests for it for dinner parties as well as Birthdays.

The base of this "cake" isn't cake at all, it's Meringue. I use a chewy Meringue, which just means that its cooked for a shorter time so it's not completely dried out. The trick to a great Meringue is to be sure your tools are squeaky clean, no oil. I made two batches so I would have 4 layers. I put some melted chocolate on one of the layers, then layered some sweetened whip cream with a touch of almond flavor and fresh fruit. I've used strawberries and blueberries like in this photo, as well as peaches. Any fruit that you like would work. Then the obligatory drizzle of chocolate of course!