Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunflower Wedding Cake

This is one of my favorite designs and techniques. I love how fresh and delicate this looks even though the flowers are quite large. The large flowers coupled with the delicate lace is just the right contrast and balance.
The Sunflowers on this cake were a blast to create! They are made on large marshmallows mounted on straws. I wanted the flowers to float off the cake. I got exactly the effect I wanted by piping the Sunflowers on the cut tops of the marshmallows. The Sunflowers on top get their height from doubled giant marshmallows secured with straws. The extra large Roses are also piped on marshmallow wedges mounted on straws. The straws allowed me to position the flowers and to secure them. The flowers are made with Pastry Pride Whip Topping and combined with the Marshmallows  are quite light. Here are a few very short videos on the process.


One of our awesome You Tube viewers created this beautiful version of  my Sunflower Technique. Brava Anita! Great Job!
see the video that inspired Anita

Hey Anita, you did it! All of  Anita's practice and preparations paid off. She made this beautiful sunflower wedding cake and added an Australian lace double heart cake topper, made by hand with royal icing!
This lovely 1/2 sheet accompanied Anita's Beautiful Wedding Cake

You Tube Friend and Talented Cake Decorator Maha, sent me this photo of her version of the Sunflower Cake. I love it done on a square and the center design looks and fits perfectly. Great Job Maha
 To see the inspiration  and tutorial for these cakes click here: