Monday, May 20, 2013

Precious Butterfly Cake

This Butterfly Cake is one of my favorite designs for a little girls Birthday cake. It's made from a single layer heart cake. I used to love to do this cake when I stilled worked in a shop. As a Commercial Cake Decorator this cake worked in so many ways. It's actually a quick cake and fairly simple to do. It also uses just one layer of cake, split and filled. The way the heart is cut in half and placed as wings,  it fills the platter making a much larger looking cake. Even with the simplest of borders and flowers it still looks fancy. This would even be pretty with candy hearts in the place of the roses, and would make a sweet Valentines Cake as well. Even the little bug at the center is just a series of little icing balls, very simple to do. I absolutely love the little antennae. These are made with a little white chocolate, quick to make last minute, but even curly ribbon could be used here. Check out the video to see the construction and tutorial for this cute little cake.