Monday, May 20, 2013

Mini Dinosaur Cake

This Adorable little Dino/ Dragon Cake is always so much fun to make. This is another one of those "go to" cakes in my Commercial Decorating Days. It's perfect for a Baby's first Birthday Cake, because it's so small. This photo is actually of a cake made from a 4" cake AND this is only 1/2 of a 4". When I needed to get my cake case full, these little cake were perfect. I could make 10 of them in a half hour. I could mix and match whichever colors I had available at the time. These also fit perfectly in a cake dome. This cake also doesn't require any tips. It can be done with a couple parchment decorating bags.

Kids really love this one, they can eat the whole thing themselves. If it's made with a 4" cake it's not really more cake than a cupcake. A 6" is perfect for sharing.

If you're a really ambitious party planner or supermom, you can even make one for each child at your childs Birthday Party:)

Check out the video for the tutorial for this little cake.