Monday, May 20, 2013

Rum Kaluah Dessert Cake

This is my Favorite Dessert Cake. This Cake is great for dinner parties as well as a gorgeous Birthday Cake. It not only looks delicious but really IS delicious. This is a Chocolate Rum Kaluah Cake. I start with a dark chocolate 10" round. I split it twice or "torte" the cake. I then use a Kaluah simple syrup to lightly soak the spit layers.
Simple syrup is simply:) sugar with just enough water to wet, boiled lightly. Then flavors like liquor can be added as the syrup is removed from the burner.
I fill the layers with a Rum Custard blended with Pastry Pride Whip Topping or Whipping Cream. Also on one of the layers I add a layer of Ganache.
I  make a simple Ganache with dark chocolate chips (better quality)
and heavy whipping cream. In a glass bowl cover chocolate in whipping cream(liquid). Place in the mircrowave for one minute at a time on 1/2 power. Mix after each minute until chocolate is incorporated and shiny. It should be thin enough to pour off the end of the spatula. (make sure all tools are very dry, no water, so the chocolate doesn't seize).
I ice this cake in Pastry Pride Whip topping. I really like this product because it is so light. It's intended for pies and desserts, but I began using years ago as icing, because I could get the look I wanted while decorating, without a heavy icing taste.
 After the cake is iced or "blocked" and the Ganache is cool to the touch, I pour the Ganache carefully over the cake. I pour the Ganace in the center of the cake and then as I spin my turntable, I use a metal spatula to lightly push the Ganach to the edge of the cake. It should be thin enough to slide easily over the edge and create beautiful drips down the edge.
The cake in the photo also has sugared nuts on the side. This is made with slivered Almonds tossed in egg whites and sugar and then roasted.
This is the kind of cake the even people say they don't like cake, absolutely love. I have heard people say that this is the best cake they ever tasted. It's really just a combination of simple ingredients that create an awesome flavor.